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Robert O'Brine, Captain


18901 Institution Road

San Bernardino, CA 92407


(909) 473-2540

The Frank Bland Regional Training Center has provided essential law enforcement training to Sheriff’s Deputies and officers throughout the State since 1971.  As a recognized leader in progressive law enforcement training by Peace Officer Standards and Training, or POST, the Training Center staff trains thousands of law enforcement officers each year from various agencies.  The Training Center utilizes many experts and experienced professionals in their field to present each component of training.  Our high standards, professionalism, and commitment to excellence contribute to the constant demand for training our facility receives from agencies throughout the county and state.


The Sheriff’s Basic and Modular Academy programs are conducted at the Frank Bland Regional Training Center, graduating an average of 300 students each year between the programs.  Certified by POST and accredited by San Bernardino Valley College, our academy programs exceed the standards required by the State of California. Our Basic Academy is one of few “Intensive Delivery” programs still operating in the state.  We believe the emphasis on discipline, stress, and real world scenarios helps develop a more well rounded officer, better prepared to handle the challenges of a law enforcement career. 


The Training Center compound, which is nestled in the foothills of Devore, sprawls nearly 800 acres.  Incorporated within the property is an eight mile Emergency Vehicle Operations Center, complete with a city grid, high speed maneuvers track, and a skid pan to simulate icy weather conditions.  The Training Center also boasts one of the largest outdoor ranges in the region.  Five 50 yard ranges, a Trap & Skeet range, and a 300 yard rifle range provide multiple firearms training options.  There is also a Live Fire House for use by Special Weapons and Tactics teams or advanced firearms training.  This specially constructed building of reinforced steel and custom crafted bullet trap material allows for realistic building entry and room clearing training.


The Training Center is continuing to grow to enhance the delivery of training.  From constantly seeking the most relevant and useful tactics, to the newest state of the art technology, the Training Center’s mission will always be to prepare today’s officers for tomorrow’s challenges.