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Deputy Sheriff Selection Process

Application and Online Exam

Candidates interested in testing for the Deputy Sheriff Trainee position may submit their application by following the link on the 'current job openings' tab. You may also visit the San Bernardino County Human Resources website at to submit your application online. Once approved, the Human Resources will e-mail you a link to take the online test.

Physical Agility

The San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department's Training Academy is certified by California's Peace Officer Standards and Training (P.O.S.T.). The purpose of the physical agility is to assure the department that the applicant has sufficient endurance, strength and agility to perform physical tasks similar to those that could be required of a Deputy Sheriff. The physical agility test is the exact test required to pass the Sheriff's Academy. The physical agility test consists of the following five events:


1) 99 Yard Obstacle Course - Run a 99 yard obstacle course consisting of several turns, 34 inch obstacle and a number of curb height obstacles

2) Body Drag - Lift and drag 165 pound life-like dummy 32 feet

3) Chain Link Fence - Climb a 6 foot chain link fence followed by a 30 yard run

4) Solid Fence Climb - Climb a 6 foot solid wall followed by a 30 yard run

5) 500 yard run - Run 500 yards (equivalent to 1 lap plus 60 yards of a standard running track)


The test is scored on a "total points" basis. All applicants must accumulate enough points to meet the minimum passing score.

Preliminary Interview

The applicant will be interviewed to determine his/her qualifications. If successful, the applicant will be given a Personal History Statement (PHS) packet to complete.

Background Interview

 The applicant will be called for an interview with their assigned background investigator. During this step, the applicant will also be fingerprinted and submit an autobiography.

Polygraph Examination

A polygraph examination will be administered to verify information obtained during the background interview.

Background Investigation

The background investigation will include checks of current and former employment, police, financial, education and military records as well as interviews with family members, neighbors, supervisors, co-workers and friends.

Departmental Interview

The Department interview will be conducted by a member of the Sheriff’s Executive Staff and either the Commander or Lieutenant of Employee Resources Division. The panel will evaluate candidates to assess their interpersonal skills, oral communication skills and qualifications for a Deputy Sheriff. If successful, the candidate may be given a conditional job offer.

Medical Evaluation

The medical evaluation is thorough and it is essential that you be in excellent health with no conditions which would restrict your ability to safely do law enforcement work.

Psychological Evaluation

The psychological evaluation consists of an individual written questionnaire and oral interview by a psychologist on factors related to successful performance in the difficult and stressful job as a Deputy Sheriff.


If the candidate is successful in the previous nine steps, the candidate is scheduled for the next available Sheriff’s Academy.