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Prepare Yourself

In order to become a San Bernardino County Deputy Sheriff you have to hold yourself to a higher standard. During the background process, applicants are disqualified due to the past choices they have made earlier in their lives. 


Don't do drugs

Don’t associate with others who use illegal drugs. – If you do, STOP NOW! When asked about past drug use, BE HONEST!

Keep your driving record clean

Applicants are disqualified for too many tickets, accidents, and license suspensions. In addition, make sure you are properly insured.

Make physical fitness a way of life

Applicants are not selected for the position due to poor physical fitness. Make sure you maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly. Your life or somebody else’s life may depend on it!

Pay your bills

The way you manage your personal finances assists the department in determining your level of responsibility and maturity.

Be honest

A lot of applicants are disqualified for lying or for integrity issues. Tell the truth no matter how embarrassed you are about your past mistakes. Remember all applicants are administered a polygraph examination during the hiring process.

Sharpen your writing skills

Strong writing skills are very important for a successful career in law enforcement. Applicants are not selected for poor grammar, punctuation and spelling.

Be careful on social media

Remember what you post on the internet represents who you are. What kind of impression are you making?

Do a great job

Your employment history is very important. Make sure you develop and maintain a strong work ethic. Don’t call in sick if you are not sick, give a two week notice if you resign from a position and report to work on time with a great attitude!

Make a good impression

We need applicants who believe in themselves. Be assertive, self-confident, outgoing, compassionate and learn to communicate well with a  wide variety of people.

Maintain your values and integrity

Don’t let your friends or co-workers pressure you into compromising your values or integrity. Remember integrity is “What you do when nobody is looking!"