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Career Opportunities:

Please refer to County of San Bernardino - Human Resources Department at for current job openings.

Assistant Sheriff   Accountant I   Sheriff's Communication Manager  
Deputy Coroner Investigator   Accountant II   Sheriff's Cook I  
Deputy Sheriff   Administrative Analyst III   Sheriff's Cook II  
Deputy Sheriff Trainee   Alcohol & Drug Counselor   Sheriff's Custody Assistant  
Sheriff   Automated System Analyst I   Sheriff's Custody Specialist  
Sheriff's Captain   Automated System Technician   Sheriff's Custody Specialist 12 Hour  
Sheriff's Deputy Chief   Autopsy Assistant   Sheriff's Emergency Svcs Cdntr  
Sheriff's Detective/Corporal   Communications Installer   Sheriff's Facilities Coordinator  
Sheriff's Lieutenant   Communications Tech I   Sheriff's Financial Manager  
Sheriff's Sergeant   Correctional Nurse II   Sheriff's Fleet Supervisor  
Supr. Deputy Coroner Investigator I   Correctional Nurse III   Sheriff's Food Service Manager  
Supr. Deputy Coroner Investigator II   Crime Analyst   Sheriff's Food Service Spvr  
Undersheriff   Crime Lab Director   Sheriff's Food Services Director  
    Crime Prevention Program Coordinator   Sheriff's Health Services Mgr.  
    Crime Scene Specialist I   Sheriff's Maintenance Mechanic  
    Crime Scene Specialist II   Sheriff's Medical Stores Spcst  
    Criminal Intelligence Specialist   Sheriff's Motor/Fabric Mechanic  
    Criminalist I   Sheriff's Nurse Supervisor I  
    Criminalist II   Sheriff's Nurse Supervisor II  
    Criminalist III   Sheriff's Pilot  
    Departmental IS Administrator   Sheriff's Public Information  
    Deputy Director Admin   Sheriff's Records Clerk  
    Deputy Director - Sheriff Coroner   Sheriff's Records Manager  
    Detention Review Officer I   Sheriff's Research Analyst  
    Detention Review Officer II   Sheriff's Service Specialist  
    Electrician   Sheriff's Special Assistant  
    Environmental health Specialist II   Sheriff's Training Specialist  
    Executive Secretary I   Sheriff's Training Supervisor  
    Executive Secretary III   Social Worker II  
    Fingerprint Examiner I   Staff Analyst I  
    Fingerprint Examiner II   Staff Analyst II  
    Fiscal Assistant   Stores Specialist  
    Fiscal Specislist   Supervising Accountant II  
    Forensic Specialist I   Supervising Accountant Tech  
    Forensic Specialist II   Supervising Crime Analyst  
    General Maintenance Worker   Supervising Criminalist  
    Health Services Assistant I   Supervising Dispatcher  
    Indigent Burial Specialist   Supervising Fingerprint Examiner  
    Inmate Programs Coordinator   Supervising Fiscal Specialist  
    Lab Aid   Supervising Office Assistant  
    Licensed Vocational Nurse   Supervising Office Specialist  
    Maintenance Supervisor   Supervising Polygraph Examiner  
    Mechanics Assistant   Supvg Crime Scene Specialist  
    Motor Pool Service Assistant   Systems Development Team Ldr  
    Multimedia Coordinator   Systems Support Analyst II  
    Office Assistant II   Systems Support Analyst III  
    Office Assistant III      
    Office Assistant IV      
    Office Specialist      
    Painter I      
    Payroll Specialist      
    Personnel Technician      
    Programmer Analyst II      
    Programmer Analyst III      
    Psychiatric Technician I      
    Secretary I      
    Secretary II      
    Sheriff's Administrative Manager      
    Sheriff's Automated Systems Supervisor      
    Sheriff's Aviation Mechanic      
    Sheriff's Aviation Mechanic Supv      
    Sheriff's Civil Investigator      
    Sheriff's Civil Technician      
    Sheriff's Communications Dispatcher I      
    Sheriff's Communications Dispatcher I Trainee      
    Sheriff's Communications Dispatcher II      
    Sheriff's Communications Dispatcher II Trainer      
    Sheriff's Communications Dispatcher III